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iconThese are some of the leopards you might encounter while on safari
at Elephant Plains.
Updated: May 2013


He used to be the dominant male for about six years. He had a territory of over 5500 hectares, but was overthrown by a new male, Tyson. He has now taken over the Newington male’s old territory around Hoffman’s, Little Gowrie and Chitwa Chitwa. Mafufunyana is about 15 years old and wieghs around 75 kilograms. His name means “angry one.”


He is the dominant male around Elephant Plains, Simbambili, Safari Lodge, Londolozi and Robson’s.  He is about eight years old and weighs approximately 85kg. His territory is about 4500 hectares big.  He has mated with most of the females in the area, including Salayexe, Nyeleti, Safari and Ntima. We called him Tyson, after Mike Tyson, because of his large frame.

Robson Male

He enters our traversing area occasionally from the western side of Robson’s.  He moves around Arathusa Private Lodge, Elephant Plains and Simbambili.  He’s about eight years old. Unfortunately, we do not know very much of this male as he is very elusive.


Is a male that dominates in the south eastern sector, around Nkorho and Annette’s. He is estimated to be about six years old and weighs about 75 kg.  He is still young, but his territory will soon become larger. He might pose a threat to Mafufunyana. Mvula means “rain” as he was first seen during a rainstorm. He moves around Chitwa Chitwa and east towards Nkorho.


He is Salayexe’s male cub. He is about two years old. He moves around Elephant Plains and Simbambili, as well as Arathusa Private Lodge. His name means “relaxed”.

Jordaan male

This male is estimated to be about 6 years old.  He is usually seen around Simbambili and Big Gowrie.  


She is nineteen years old and moves around Arathusa Private Lodge and Simbambili and Safari Lodge. She is classed as an old leopard and is easy to identify as she is blind in one eye. She is the mother of Tsemba, Kurula and Matimba.


She is Saseka’s daughter.  She’s about nine years old and moves between Londolozi, Elephant Plains and Arathusa Private Lodge.  She has three young cubs (two males and one female) of about eight months old. Her name means “stars”.


She is also Saseka’s daughter.  She’s about five years old and has taken over her mother’s old territory: Elephant Plains, Simbambili and Arathusa Private Lodge.  Salayexe means “the only one” as her brother died at three months old. She has two cubs of about two years old. The male is called Rulani and the female, Nzele. She recently gave birth to two new cubs. We will keep you updated on their development.


She’s Safaris daughter and is about seven years old.  She moves around Hoffman’s, Little Gowrie, Safari Lodge and Simbambili.  She has two cubs of about fourteen months old. Kurula means “the bold one”.


She is about eight years old and moves around Londolozi and Arathusa Private Lodge.  She had one cub called Kwatela. Ntima recently had another litter of three cubs. Her name means “black”.


She is Kurula’s daughter and is four years old. She likes to move around Little Gowrie. She represents her name well as she remains a very elusive leopard. She has one cub of about 5 months old.


She is Shadow’s sister and also four years old. She likes to stay around in Big Gowrie. She has two small cubs of about two months old. Thandi means “love”. She moves around Little Gowrie and eastwards towards Chitwa Chitwa and Nkorho, as well as north into Vuyatela.


She is Salayexe’s female cub of two years old. She moves around Elephant Plains and Simbambili, as well as Arathusa Private Lodge. Her name means “ruthless”.


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