Learning to embrace a more natural lifestyle and living a healthier life is as simple as getting back to the basics. In a crazy, fast-paced world, it is vital to balance your life with as much nature, passion and healing as possible. Efforts to “go green” are being put into motion on a constant basis, but some people want more than that. If you are looking to return to a simpler way of living, consider moving beyond green and “going natural.” Here we offer some basic steps that will help you on your way to leading a beautifully simplistic and more natural life.


Embrace Nature

Embrace Nature


This means getting outside! Get your hands dirty. Walk barefoot. Plan a long hike. In order to really get in touch with nature, you have to get rid of the “unnatural” in your life, even if only for one afternoon a week. Head out to the woods, a farm, a beach, or a mountain and just BE. No books, no magazines and of course no on/off button. This mental “slow down” is a huge investment you can make in yourself. You need to connect with Mother Nature as much as possible in order to stay grounded and at peace with yourself.



The food that we choose to eat affects more than just our bodies. The lives of the farmers and workers who produce the food, the soil and water that grow the food and the plant, animal and microbial life of the farm are all affected. When we prioritize high quality, sustainably produced ingredients, we are showing our respect for the Earth and its resources. When we choose to buy products in season, particularly from local producers, we honor the cycle of the seasons and the people who nurture our food. Try shopping at your local farmer’s market or food co-op. If you live in a place that doesn’t have easy access to local foods, try planting a small garden with some of your favorite herbs or vegetables. You might be surprised to find how much more connected you feel to the natural world while preparing a fresh tomato salad, made from sun ripe tomatoes you just plucked.


Walk in the wild

Walk in the wild


Our bodies absorb things internally and externally. The chemicals that we come into contact with can seep into our bodies through our skin, making it vitally important to carefully consider the products you use in your home. It is amazing how much cleaning can be accomplished with simple products like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice. You might also be interested in caring for your body with things like almond oil or coconut oil, which are nourishing to the body, without containing additives or chemicals. You can add essential oils to both body and surface cleaners to make your home and yourself smell fantastic.





Learning to be aware of your thoughts and actions help maintain a healthy attitude and a sense of truthfulness to your spirit. Pursuing passions in your spare time, especially ones that are physical or involve the arts will balance your mental, physical and spiritual sides – and keep your body in harmony with your thoughts. Be open, be truthful and learn to focus on doing what really makes you feel good!


Exercise outside

Exercise outside


This may seem like a weird item for our Natural Lifestyle list…but it doesn’t get much simpler or more natural than this. Stay home more. You’ll save money, your vehicles will last longer…and joy of joys…you may not feel so worn out all the time! When you spend more time at home, you’ll find that you are more rested and more relaxed…naturally.



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