Even though massages are commonly found all over the world, we can say with certainty that the Scalp massage (Indian Head Massage) found its origin in India. There they have practiced and perfected scalp massaging for over 5000 years as part of a holistic medicine source. Today it is well known in all parts of the world.


Scalp Massaging

Scalp Massaging

Here is why we love it so much:

The extreme sense of relaxation is not just in your head, so to speak. When massaging the scalp, it increases the production of chemicals, including endorphins and serotonin, the feel good hormones that in turn puts you in a better mood, reduces stress and induces relaxation.


The massage also stimulates the nerves and the blood vessels beneath the skin, calming the muscle tension. Combine this with temporal massaging and some good pressure on the base of the scalp and there you have the perfect, long lasting remedy for tension headaches.

It is not just good for relieving tension, though. It is also great for the general health of your scalp and hair. The increased blood flow from the massage in turn makes sure that the skin is healthy as it gets enough oxygen flow. Anybody struggling with dandruff will also benefit from this as the massage movements, combined with grape seed/ coconut oil, removes the dandruff leaving the scalp clean and well nourished. Add all of the above together and you will most definitely get fast growing healthy hair.


Make the most of the time you have available and indulge in a scalp massage the next time you pass by the African Health Spa at Elephant Plains.