Today we are busting some of the most widely spread beauty myths.

Beauty Myths

Beauty Myths

Myth 1: Your skin will age just like your mom’s…

Fact: Even though the genetics form both your parents play a role in how you will age, it is your lifestyle choices and health that has the biggest impact. You can be blessed with the best genetics, but if you don’t look after your skin from a young age, it will show.


Myth 2: Getting a base tan will prevent you from getting sunburned…

Fact: Any colour darker than your natural skin tone indicates that your skin has been damaged – burned. Even though a base tan will improve the burning sensation, it does not prevent the damage done to your skin. The bad news for you sun lovers is that no tan is the best tan.


Myth 3: SPF tells you how much protection you are getting from the sun…

Fact: SPF is only part of the equation. Looking at damaging UV light it gets separated into two parts: UVA and UVB. SPF only shows the protection level against UVB as it was believed that only UVB is harmful to the skin. Today we know better and it is thus wise to use a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, or to couple your sunscreen with an antioxidant to maximize protection.


Myth 4: I can fall asleep with my make-up on, no stress…

Fact: All cosmetic products used to provide colour and illusion leave a toxic film on the skin. Wearing make-up for long periods of time will cause irritation, inflammation, dehydration and clog up pores. Sleeping with your make-up on not only results in the irritation, inflammation etc. but also prevents your skin from healing itself as it has no time to rest and breathe.


Myth 5: Eating chocolates and oily food can cause pimples

Fact: Pimples are mainly caused by the change of hormones. The higher your hormone levels, the more likely it is you’ll get pimples. The reason why we associate the bad eating habits with pimples is because the high hormone levels causing the pimples are the same hormone levels that cause cravings.


Myth 6: You shouldn’t mix different skin-care products

Fact: As therapists we prefer that you use the same product range purely because they are designed to complement each other, giving you the best possible results. The fact of the matter is that you can mix any product ranges as long as you choose the right products to accomplish the right results. Have a look at the ingredients and you should be safe.