In South Africa our summer is in full swing, the days are hot and the sunrays dangerous. While on holiday at Elephant Plains Game Lodge, some of you will enjoy sunbathing by the pool while for other,s the exposure during game drive is more than enough. Here is how to prevent sunburn during your holiday.

1. Keep in mind that the South African sun is very strong and that you should at least half the time that you would normally spent in the sun at home.

2. Always wear a trusted sunlotion with a high SPF factor and re-apply often, especially once you’ve had a dip in the pool (even if it is waterproof). Take special note to cover the arms, the back of the neck and the ears. These areas are constantly exposed, without us even noticing.

3. A hat is a must. A wide rim that covers your face is ideal. If it can cover the neck and the ears, even better.

4. When spending time in the sun, keep an eye on your skin, it will tell you when it’s had enough. Any red spots are a clear indication that you’ve already burned and should move to the shade


Cover up with a large sun hat

Cover up with a large sun hat

Now, it can still happen that even if we do our best, the sun still gets the better of us and we somehow end up getting burned.

Here are some basic tips on how to treat sunburn:

1. Prevent any further exposure. Stay indoors and cover up with loose-fitting clothing when heading outside.

2. Take a pain reliever such as aspirin. It not only eases the pain, but also helps with the swelling and any minor fever that might occur.

3. Drink lots of water and rehydrate yourself. It will help take care of the headache, as well as aiding the skin in its recovery process.

4. Regularly apply a cool, soothing cream in an attempt to keep the skin moist at all times. Taking care not to use strongly perfumed products on your already irritated skin.

5. Take regular, cool showers. The cold water might burn at first, but if you can bear it, it will relieve any discomfort and improve any swelling due to the heat.