A good Spa Manicure should cover all the “must do’s” to make your hands look their best at all times. So what exactly are those “must do’s” and why?

No 1 Preparation – Always start with a good soak. The soak causes the dead skin to soften in order to be easier to remove. Note: Make sure not to soak them for too long as the extra moisture being absorbed will in turn cause the nail polish to chip faster.

No 2 Exfoliating – Getting rid of all the dead skin that builds up on the hands not only makes them look younger, but also feel softer. Very importantly, it also allows any product applied afterwards to penetrate deeper.

No 3 Mask – Feeding the skin, hydrating it and adding loads of minerals. It is the boost that your hands need. A paraffin wax is also a good option, and no, there’s no waxing involved. Paraffin wax, being a byproduct of petroleum, is extremely hydrating and leaves your skin feeling as soft as a baby’s bum.

No 4 Cutting the cuticles and the nails – Both equally important, it gives your hands a clean, fresh and neat appearance. Tip: To make sure that only the needed cuticles get removed safely, push them back with an orange stick and only cut those parts of the cuticle lifting up from the nail bed.

No 5 Buffing and filing – No rough edges get left behind so as to protect the nails from splitting at a later stage. Also make sure that you tell your therapist what shape you prefer as this plays a big role in the overall appearance.

Nail shapes

Nail shapes

No 6 Painting This is always the final step, the finishing touch being done with one of our stunning colors out of the OPI range. Long lasting results can be expected. Tip: Make sure you have enough free time after your manicure to allow your nails to dry completely, without rushing yourself. You can even replace your jewelry before the therapist starts painting in order to avoid smudging your beautifully manicured nails.