The eyes are most definitely a key facial feature and therefore it is one that must diligently be looked after. A good brow shape might be one of the best things you can do to alter and clean up your appearance, without having to do something too drastic. Here is how to get the perfect shape at home.

Line 1: Using a make-up brush as a measuring stick, hold it from the corner of your nose and past the inside of your eye. Any hair on the nose side of the brush needs to get tweezed.

Line 2: Shift the top end of the brush to the outside of your iris (facing straight forward). This indicates the point that should be the curve of your eyebrow. From here on onwards, the eyebrow needs to thin out.

Perfect Eyebrows
Perfect Eyebrows

Line 3: Shifting the top end even further to the side, all the way to the corner of the eye. The brush is now pointing out the end of your brow line. Any hair beyond this point should be removed.

Line 4: Shift the brush horizontally. The beginning and end of your eyebrow should be in a horizontal line.

To tidy up, the hair can get brushed upwards. Any points sticking out can be slightly trimmed. This way you will have perfect eyebrows all day long!

Having clear, sparkling eyes is next on the list to insure a healthy, beautiful facial appearance. Dull, red eyes just take so much away from you. Although there are many different causes, the main reason for red eyes are that they become irritated and dry, be it from a lack of sleep, or dust in the air. The best instant treatment for this is eye drops. For long-term sparkling eyes, get enough sleep, as well as a good daily dose of Vitamin A & E.

Dark circles and puffy eyes are just as unattractive. Because the skin under the eyes are so thin and delicate it does not take much for the blood vessels to become more noticeable – what we know as dark circles. For an unlucky few it’s genetic. If your circles have a bluish tinge, it might be because of an Iron deficiency and a supplement is the only way to fix the problem. The rest of us can aim to support the blood vessels. Cutting out salt and improving hydration will keep them perfectly dilated, thin and flowing. Vitamin C supplements will also help to strengthen the blood vessels, again aiding dilation. Some extra sleep will also help the body to restore its natural balance. Cucumber and cool tea bags are a short term solution. The cold helps the irritated blood vessels to calm down and so improves the appearance.

The final “must do” for your eyes is a good quality eyeliner (preferably liquid and not pencil as these stay on for longer and does not smudge). It brings out your eyes. If you have small eyes, only apply eyeliner to the upper lid. If you are blessed with beautiful, big, round eyes, go ahead and make more of a statement by applying it both on the upper and lower eyelids. As for the mascara, I prefer waterproof just for in case. One coat from root to tip and a second only on the edges. This way they will appear nice and thick, but not too heavy.

Make use of all these tips and you will be sure to reveal not only beautiful, but also well preserved “windows to your soul…”