This month we are focusing on a treatment that is ever growing in its popularity and with great reason. Being a therapist myself I do not often get to go for pampering, so when I do, I make the most of it and the Stress Buster is just the way to do it!


Stress Buster Massage

Stress Buster Massage



The treatment starts on the back, being the area that the majority of us struggle with. It is where most of our stress manifests itself.   Our backs are tight, stiff, sensitive and full of knots. This is why a good 30min is spent on the back to make sure that the muscles are well worked and relaxed before the focus shifts a little bit higher to the neck and scalp.

It is important to note that the tension you feel in your neck can also find its origin in the tight muscles between the shoulder blades  and not necessarily in the neck it self. Once the back is relaxed the time spend on the neck is more effective. As we turn you around to comfortably relax for the second half of the treatment the weight of your body pressing down gives me as therapist the extra pressure needed to work even deeper into the neck, causing it to relax completely.

After working out all the knots and rubbing all those sore and tense muscles it is time to enjoy the final stages of your treatment. We end of with a scalp and foot massage. This is where pressure points are allocated and once stimulated through massage you can actually relax so deeply that most clients fall asleep. This is truly a sensation that needs to be felt and can not be described.

So next time you are at Elephant Plains Game Lodge be sure to book the ultimate relaxation massage and spoil yourself!

Atasja Woest