Winter is officially starting to show its colours out here in the bush. For those of you who will be visiting us in the next few weeks and for the rest of you at home, feeling the cold slipping in under the door, here are a view good tips on how to take care of your skin during the cold winter months.

  1. The first thing I notice as a therapist is how dry skin gets during the winter months.Go back to the basics; exfoliating before moisturising. Even the best moisturiser will not penetrate through dead skin, so soak in a warm bath at least once a week and make sure you give yourself a good scrub. Note that I said warm bath, as too much hot water can also dry out your skin.
  2.  Secondly you will need a richer moisturiser than the one you use during the summer months. This does not only apply for your body, but also your face. Getting a moisturiser that has good hydrating properties is just as important. We tend to drink less water during winter and our skin can use the extra hydration source.
  3. Another good tip is to cover up once you applied any moisturiser. The cold dry air tends to “steal” the moisture right back. Covering up gives it some time to penetrate.
  4. Protect your skin against the freezing dry wind. If and when you can help it, avoid the wind at all costs. If you are joining us on safari, wear protective clothing. Prevention is better than cure.
  5. Applying a layer of sunscreen on the still exposed areas is a good idea. The sunscreen is thicker than your standard moisturiser and will block out more of the cold air and keep your skin fresh and moist during your stay. Also remember that you can still get sunburn, even in winter time, so don’t take any chances!

If you are visiting us this winter, why not book a lovely massage at the African Health Spa. The massage oils we use will definitely help in moisturising your skin – leaving in smooth, supple and glowing!