Yes, I’m talking about the two of them this month. Those ones, way down at the bottom of your legs. Also unfortunately, very often, at the very bottom of your priority list. The ones that are mostly left neglected, your feet…

Nothing says you look after yourself, like nicely pedicured feet!

Nothing says you look after yourself, like nicely pedicured feet!

It should be basic knowledge to know that your feet are one of the hardest working body parts you have. It carries your entire body’s weight and yet you don’t spend nearly as much time pampering them as you do with the rest of your body. Why not?

I personally think that a good pedicure is one of our most basic “must do” treatments. A pedicure forms part of a healthy grooming routine. Now despite the fact that it is part of grooming, it is also a great treat. There are so many nerve endings linked to your entire body on the soles of your feet, that treating them is a source of pure bliss. It causes the entire body to relax and unwind, purely by working on the feet.

So this month I am giving you a few good tips on how to look after your feet, in order to make them feel as special as they are supposed to be!

1. Wash your feet on a daily basis to remove the day’s build up. Remember the small spaces between your toes.

2. A good dry is just as important. Use a separate towel for the feet as fungi that may grow there can stay dormant for up to 4 weeks.

3. Exfoliate! Removing the dead skin is one of the things that make the biggest difference to the appearance, as well as the soft feel of our feet. Use an even rubbing motion over a wide area, without applying too much pressure. You don’t want to over exfoliate, which in turn will make it only worse.

4. Spend some money on a good quality foot moisturizer. Because the skin on your heel is thicker, you need a deep penetrating moisturizer to soak all the way through.

5. Trimming your nails and keeping them nice and short makes them look healthy and will stop them from cracking and thickening.

6. Also remember to softly push back your cuticles.

7. Adding your favourite colour is my final advice. That is the cherry on the top. The icing on the cake! It is summer and a brand new year, so go big and go bright!