It is almost summertime and that means time for shorts, spaghetti strap tops and spending time in the sun. We obviously want our body’s to look their best!This month I am focusing on one of our most luxurious treatments. The African Revitalizing Body Experience.

I love this treatment for two reasons. Firstly, because it leaves you feeling spoiled and relaxed. The different treatments being blended together into two hours is a definite cause for pure bliss! Secondly and most importantly, the effect that it has on your body. Our skin keeps reproducing new layers of skin on a daily basis. With the heat during the summer months, it looses a lot of moisture, causing the skin to dry out. The dead, top layers of skin now stick to the body instead of pealing, because it is too dry. (Take note that I am not referring to the same kind of “pealing” you see after getting sunburnt!) This is a constant pealing process that takes place without us even noticing. It happens just as fast as the new layers of skin form. With the dead skin cells being stuck to the skin surface, we now also struggle to replace moisture with moisturizers, because the dead skin has lost its ability to absorb.

The African Revitalizing Body Experience quickly sorts out both problems. We start with a good, intense body exfoliation that gets rid of the dead skin cells. Following the exfoliation is an hour long massage with an avocado based body butter. The avocado is extremely nourishing and feeds the skin. Finally we finish off with a body mask. The mask forces the moisturizing body butter deeper into the skin layers, leaving your skin soft, moisturized and refreshed. At the end of these two hours you will be all set for the summer!

So if you are visiting Elephant Plains during summertime, be sure to book and African Revitalizing Body Experience and reap the benefits of a healthy all over glow.

Body Mask

Body Mask

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