Our Big 5 highlight of the week was definitely seeing nine different leopards in one week! We saw an unknown male and female, Thandi and her cub, Salayexe, Mafufunyana, Mvula, Nsagwen as well as Shadow!

Breeding herd of elephants - Marlet Swart -

Breeding herd of elephants - Marlet Swart -

Monday, 25 July 2011


  • The Styx females with their four cubs on Wessel’s / MM boundary
  • Shadow the leopard crossing Gowrie Main Road
  • A breeding herd of thirty elephants feeding along A-Main


Tuesday, 26 July 2011


  • Nsagwen the male leopard following a scent trail of a female leopard around Big Dam
  • A herd of about 20 elephants feeding from Big Dam towards Leopard Drift
  • Two Majingi male lions feeding on the giraffe carcass and chasing vultures away on Eastern Bank Manyeleti
  • Salayexe the leopard walking down Puffadder Road
  • A rhino cow with a month old baby feeding around Rulani Road


Wednesday, 27 July 2011


  • A female lioness and three six month old cubs feeding on a Zebra kill while being watched by a herd of buffalo on One Eye Pan Road
  • Another herd of buffalo’s drinking water at Knobthorn Pan
  • The Majingi males still feeding on the giraffe on Eastern Bank Manyeleti
  • A breeding herd of about 100 elephants crossing Gowrie Main Road
  • The Tsalala pride of lions sleeping on the firebreak
  • Another herd of elephants drinking water at Serengeti Pan
  • Mvula the male leopard walking across Chitwa open area


Thursday, 28 July 2011


  • One rhino bull feeding on Safari airstrip
  • Mafufunyana the leopard walking north across the airstrip
  • An unknown young male leopard walking towards Pan to Pan Road
  • An elephant herd feeding at MMM South
  • One male rhino sleeping at Seepline
  • A big breeding herd of buffaloes feeding on Pump Track


Friday, 29 July 2011


  • An elephant bull in musth feeding along Southern Fork
  • A breeding herd of elephants feeding on EP open area
  • A rhino bull sleeping close to Big Dam
  • BB the lioness and her cubs lying in the grass on Robson’s boundary


Saturday, 30 July 2011


  • The Tsalala pride of lions resting on a termite mound close to Big Dam Link North
  • A young, unknown male leopard stalking impala on Big Dam Link North
  • An elephant bull drinking water at Zimba Bridge
  • Salayexe the leopard walking down Rhino Ring South


Sunday, 01 August 2011


  • Thandi the leopard and her cub feeding on a kudu kill close to Chitwa airstrip
  • An unknown male leopard walking close to the donga next to Hoffman’s
  • A young, unknown male leopard crossing Gowrie Main
  • A herd of elephants feeding along MMM South
  • Another herd of elephants feeding on Zebra Drive
  • An unknown female leopard walking along Robson’s firebreak
  • One rhino bull feeding on Central Track