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Hot Stones or Wooden Dumbbells

We have two great massages on our African Health Spa menu that both include an added factor, which brings a whole different dimension to the massage. I would like to call it an “upgrade”. Let me explain in a little more detail what each one is abbout and how it is different to the other massages.

Our Hot Stone Massage: Here we bring in hot lava stones. The reason we use lava stones and not any other ordinary stones are because lava stones keep their heat for so much longer. It is this heat from the stones that relaxes not only your muscles, but also you as the client. Once the muscles are relaxed they can easily be manipulated without much effort or pain and it is for this reason that we prescribe a Hot Stone Massage. Now, this does not mean that you can’t just book it purely for self indulgence. You don’t always need a reason for upgrading your massage and the heat is a true RELAXATION factor for those who might need it.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Our Heart of Africa Massage: This treatment is proudly South African ! We use shaped wooden dumbells that perfectly fits into all the areas where nots tend to hide. As the added heat factor mentioned in the treatment above is lacking, this is the perfect massage for those who are not affraid of some deep, firm, well deserved pressure when it comes to taking care of all your muscle aches and pains. Specially suited for men or anyone who prefers more pressure. Please note that pressure can be adjusted according to personal preference, so that each and every one can enjoy a uniquely South African massage.

Wooden Dumbbells

Wooden Dumbbells

I would recommend both massages to any clients struggling with muscle tension, or who would just like to spoil themselves with an “upgraded” massage.

Enjoy your next pampering session at the African Health Spa!


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