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Trigger Points

Trigger points, or muscle knots, mostly go unnoticed until they become unbearable. They are the source of many body aches and pains. But if you know how to work with them, the end result can be pure relaxation and bliss!

Let’s have a look at a few of my favorite Trigger Points.

Tension causes neck pain

Tension causes neck pain

The first spot is situated right under the back of the skull! The muscles located here are the one’s responsible for keeping your head on your shoulders. Therefore these are prone to taking extreme tension. We add some more tension when we stress about something and this spot becomes one of the main sources of tension headaches. When this area is massaged correctly, it can be deeply relaxing, almost immediately relieving pain, especially on the side of the head, the temples and behind the ear.

The second, being the biggest of all the areas, consists out of the thick column of muscles next to the spine. The majority of this area is littered with knots. One section, stretching from the base of the neck all the way to the edge of the shoulder blade, particularly appreciates some TLC. This is the area that makes you feel stiff and limits your upper body movement, resulting in upper back pain. When massaged the immediate result is a feeling of suppleness, followed by pain relieve.

The third point is a little bit sneaky. When you complain about your entire back aching, myself, as a therapist knows that the true origin of this pain is located in a small little nook formed between the lowest rib and your spine. This sweet spot is loaded with trigger point, once massaged the joint relaxes and the pain slips away.

Spot number four is found at the very bottom of the thick column of muscle next to the spine, right in the pit of the back. This trigger point is exactly where you thought it would be, sorting out pain in the lower back, stretching into the buttocks and even the hamstrings.

Trigger Points

Trigger Points

The last spot is found very close to trigger point number 4 but somewhat lower, at the top of the buttocks, the perfect spot among spots….. Yet another sneaky, trouble-making trigger point that is experienced as lower back pain. The true cause of this pain is due to the many small nerves that get pinched in this area. It tends to produce a profound and sweet ache when massaged, the pain spreading all the way up the back even into the arm and down the leg.

Next time you visit Elephant Plains Game Lodge, be sure to book an appointment at the African Health Spa. We will make sure that your trigger points won’t trigger any more aches and pains in your body!


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